Choose The Right Body Lift For Your Vehicle

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If you are eager to have your vehicle lifted and still have a smooth ride, then you should consider getting a body lift for your vehicle. Getting the right size lift would be the best thing that you can do to ensure riding comfort – whether you choose to fit it yourself or entrust the job to a mechanic. Doing the lifting job slowly would be the best bet as you can work your way up fixing the problems as you encounter them. There are many high-quality suspensions like West coast suspensions that can absorb all your suspension problems right away!

According to the auto experts at, it is a good idea to get a better understanding about the right size for your lift and its pros and cons. Read on to find out how to get the lift size that is just right for your vehicle.

Know The Job Before You Do It
You might be perfectly sure about the size of the lift that you want. You might even be feeling confident about your ability to fit it yourself. There is nothing wrong with that considering that there are many kits that can be mounted easily by you. But there are many factors to be taken into account before you start out. The installation part may not be too tough, but when it comes to getting the steering, alignment and other things back on track, it might get a bit more complicated.

It is essential that you consider the effect of raising the height on various factors like steering linkage, drive shaft length, brake lines, axle strength, etc. before you start the installation. If your understanding of these matters is not too great, it would be better to leave the job to a professional.

Small-Sized Lift
If all you want is a little more clearance, then perhaps the best option for you would be the small lift. The most common size of a small lift is 1.5”. This type of lift usually has coil spacers in the front and long shackles in the back. It is the least expensive one as well as the easiest to install. The best part is that it has very few installation problems.

Medium-Sized Lift
If you are not an avid off-roader but still would prefer more tire clearance, then the mid-sized lift is the one for you. This kind of lift will typically have space with add-a-leaf (AAL) lifts along with new shock absorbers. Usually 2” is considered as the most common medium-sized lift. Make sure that your rear springs are strong before you install this lift. Also, keep in mind that the AALs are designed only to lift the stock springs. The handling performances also get more noticeable.

Big-Sized Lift
These will make your vehicle look meaner and will help you do off-roading much better without compromising too much on its on-the-road performance. It usually contains new front coils and AALs in the rear. It also has some additional front coils and rear springs too. 3-4” are considered as big lift sizes and these are the most expensive.

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